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Halloween Electric Hall of Horrors 2017

Posted by Elaine Hammond on 26th October 2017

Trade Skills 4U hall of horrors

Can you believe it’s Halloween again? Whilst most of us are getting ready for the trick-or-treaters, getting our Halloween outfits sorted for the party, or getting together to watch a horror movie with our friends, spare a thought for the Sparky who could be working in dark and often dangerous spaces like those spider ridden attics or damp rat infested basements!

The risk of electrocution and fire in our homes is a real danger, where faulty electrics are concerned. Problems are caused when down lights don’t have proper thermal protection, there are exposed wires, wiring isn’t tightly connected or insulated, there’s too much load on daisy chained sockets and lighting installed in fixtures they weren’t designed to be housed in.

To give you an idea of what our fellow sparkies have to deal with on a regular basis, we've put together a sample of some real electrical horrors that are lurking out there.

hall of horors

This one looks like a ticking time bomb! A metered mains supply for the building was ‘hacked’ by bare uninsulated wires - possibly from tenants attempting to bypass the meter. You can also see signs of a previous fire!

snake hall of horrors

Aaaah don’t scream! - This is enough to scare the living daylights out of most of us! But I think this electrocuted ‘Cannibal snake’ bit off more than he could chew. I bet it gave the electrician a bit of a fright!

hall of horrors extension lead

This gooey mess looks like ghost slime! It’s what can happen if you don’t uncoil an extension lead fully when in use! Imagine if this was near to something that was easily combustible!

hall of horrors

SHOCKING! But did you know that most European countries allow sockets in a bathroom within 3 metres of the shower! If I stayed here I would definitely go without a shower rather than risk getting electrocuted. Thank goodness for UK Wiring Regs!

hall of horrors

Dangers are everywhere so beware! Loose terminals and missing fuse carriers all add up to trouble. Plus a fuse can blow with a lot of force!

hall of horrors

What horrors are lurking under the floorboards? Never put your hands in to have a feel about, otherwise you could get a very nasty electric shock!

hall of horrors

Oops! I hope the mains were turned off before he started screwing into this box, otherwise this would have gone off with a big bang.

hall of horrors

This is what a loose connection or too much load can result in inside a consumer unit. It looks like there’s been a fire and it’s melted the cables.

hall of horrors

Anyone scared or rats or mice? I guess everyone needs a home but I bet this electrician didn’t expect to find a family of mice living in the electric panel!

hall of horrors

The birds nest nightmare! This one is from Vietnam with what’s looks like a mix of lighting, telecom and mains cables – although with the cables all being black it’s difficult to tell!

hall of horrors

Make sure your plugs are frequently checked to make sure they are properly wired. This is a very common cause of house fires, so please make sure you this doesn’t happen in your home.

hall of horrors

Now that we’ve scared the heebie jeebies out of you, remember to always get a qualified electrician to do any electrical work in your home. Don’t try to do electrics yourself or you could end up looking like this guy!

And to finish, here’s a nice calming Youtube video to get you ready for Halloween, make sure you turn the sound up!!

Be safe and if you’re worried get an electrician to carry out an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) to highlight any issues that need to be resolved.

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