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Gate Safe introduce new MOT service

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 19th August 2016


Gate Safe, the charity that originally started the campaign toward safer automated gates, has recently launched a ‘Gate Safe MOT’ initiative. The drive aims to create more awareness of correct installation and the on-going maintenance of the gates within people’s home. The annual MOT also allows customers and members of the public to recognise a safe gate with the newly designed sticker that will be prominently displayed near or on the gate.

We spoke to Gate Safe founder Richard Jackson about why they have introduced the MOT service and how electricians can get involved.

What were the reasons behind the MOT launch?

We have wanted to introduce gate safety awareness since 2010 but didn’t have enough people to follow through with the project. Since then, we have been working hard to develop the programme and have over 750 people qualified to undertake a gatesafe MOT across the UK.

What does the MOT mean?

The MOT enables gate installers, electricians, house owners and members of the public to have a clear indication that the gate is safe. By displaying the new sticker that identifies the month and year of issue to gate users they will know the device has had the adequate safety checks or is overdue a service or maintenance visit.

How is this going to benefit electricians?

It will benefit electricians as they can add another string to their bow. They can attend gate safety training which we hold across the UK every other month, early bird bookers will receive the price for £195. Whilst on the training, electricians will gain a level of understanding of how to install an electric gate safely taking into consideration the foundation and the wiring.

Once the training is complete, electricians will be eligible to conduct an MOT within the home. They are also given a manual to take away as reference as we know this isn’t something they would install or check on a daily basis!

We here at Trade Skills 4U, believe this is a great certification to possess. We know it’s rare for an electrician to be asked to install an automated gate but we need to remember that these gates can pose a serious danger to customers when installed incorrectly. By understanding how to install and conduct an annual MOT legally and correctly will limit the amount of accidents that occur with electric gates. The certificate will also protect an electrician if anything went wrong, in the past, many electricians have been taken to court over incorrectly fitted gates resulting in hefty fines. The MOT will protect customers as well as the electrician.

To find out how sign up to a Gate Safe MOT course click here.

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