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Electric Car Charging Skills Could Be A Game Changer

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 22nd May 2014

In 1903 the president of Michigan Savings Bank advised Henry Ford’s Lawyer not to invest in Ford Motor Co. According to him “The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty – a fad”. Even the humble light bulb was labelled as a non-starter by an Oxford Professor. Yet today we are surrounded by Cars, Lights, TV’s, Computers, Phones and all manner of technology.

Electric vehicles have been around for some time. In fact the first electric car was developed in the 1820’s! There have been various revivals in their popularity over the past few decades particularly in the 1990’s however due to limitations on their range they have never fully taken off and many people remain convinced to this day that they are a non-starter (if you excuse the pun).

However recent figures show that the trend for electrical cars is that they will soon be a huge part of our motoring community and infrastructure. In fact in Norway where 20% of all cars sold are electric, it is getting harder to find unoccupied public charging facilities.  At a time where oil prices continue to rise the UK realises that we need to be investing in the infrastructure to ensure this technology can take off. At the start of May the government committed a further £500M to developing electric cars and other low carbon vehicles.

According to the Cambridge Service Alliance electric car sales are set to increase to 7 million world wide by 2020. One of the biggest reasons for this is the rise of the Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV for short) which combine an electric motor and back up petrol one. This new solution completely eliminates “range anxiety” which is possibly the only thing which until now has been the main thing holding back the growth of EV sales in the world. With PHEV and new advanced in battery technology we are now entering a stage where EV charging points will become more and more prevalent in people’s homes and on the streets of the UK.

Here at Trade Skills 4U we have been surprised by the demand from our students for Vehicle Charging Courses. We launched our first course starting on the 2nd June and it sold out within 3 Days. We have now scheduled more courses for the coming months and the feedback from electricians working in the industry is that these skills are in demand.

The skills required to install these points are not too complex and an electrician can train and qualify in as little as 2 days to install them. The course itself covers the installation, fault finding and inspection and testing of electric vehicle charging points. This will allow them to install both commercial on street and domestic car charging points.

As with any new technology it pays to get involved early and we believe that the recent developments with electric vehicles means that the whole market is set to boom. So don’t delay  find out more about EV charging at www.tradeskills4u.co.uk today!