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England vs Uruguay Permutations - When Will It End?

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 19th June 2014

So as you may know we have some great offers on whilst England remain in which a mathematical chance of winning the cup. However with our defeat to Italy in the first round of games and Costa Rica's surprise win when will this offer run out?

Here are some variations to consider:

England win their next 2 matches

Nice and simple we are straight through to the knock out stages and we are all happy. But are we? It is possible even if we win our next two games there’s a slight chance that if Costa Rica beat Italy, and then Italy beat Uruguay, that England, Italy and Costa Rica would be tied on six points. 

In this situation goal difference would come into play and the two teams with the greatest goal difference would go through.

England beat Uruguay and draw with Costa Rica

Beating Uruguay would almost guarantee they will be out of the tournament. But if we draw with Costa Rica then we need to ensure we have a better goal difference than them as we could be tied on points. However if we don't win our next two games it comes down to goals difference and other results for England to go through. In term of our offer we will still be in it until the next round of games.

England draw with Uruguay and beat Costa Rica

If England draw with Uruguay and then beat Costa Rica we will be relying on Italy to win all their games in order to move onto the next round. But again we will be relying on other results!

England Lose to Uruguay but beat Costa Rica

As crazy as it seems we can still go through if we lose tonight but still beat costa Rica. However it is only possible if Italy win all their games leaving England, Costa Rica and Uruguay all tied on 3 points. Then again it would come down to goal difference.

What does this mean for our 3 Lions Offer?

Well simply put don't hang about. If England lose tonight chances are that the offer will end tomorrow night once Italy have played. If we win that would be brilliant and the offer will still be at least until we next play. 

Looking at the permutations above what is clear is that goals could make a real difference in our group so we need to go all out and win big. Will Rooney and Sturridge tunr up? I bloody well hope so! Come on England! And come on Italy too!