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England Euro 2012 Final Group Game Permutations

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 19th June 2012

So we have put an offer on that ends when England go out of Euro 2012. Fortunately so far we have drawn one and won one, meaning that the chances are that we will go through to the quarter finals. However we need to be ready to tweak our pricing if England go out.

Now we thought this would be quite simple, however after watching the final rounds of each group over the last few days it is clear that the permutations for England going through are not clear cut and there are a number of different results that will mean we can progress. 

To help you understand what these are we have listed them below:

1. A win secures qualification to the group stages. If France can only manage a draw or lose to Sweden then England will actually be group winners.

2. A draw will also see us progress and if France lose to Sweden then we will still be group winners. If both England and France draw then France will go be group winners.

3. If England lose then we will not progress, but only if France draw or beat Sweden. If Sweden were to beat France then it comes down to goal difference. Currently France’s goal difference is only 1 better than ours.

Generally speaking we look pretty safe. Even if we lose there is a chance we will go through although I can’t see France losing to Sweden. However Greece’s qualification above Russia shows just how anything can happen on the final day of the group stages.

We believe England can do this but if you are thinking of booking and catching our Euro 2012 offer you may want to act now just to be safe.

So come on England!