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Electrician's hold the power during the double dip recession

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 26th April 2012

Yesterday, economists confirmed what we already know. Britain’s figures outline that our economy is enduring its longest slump and that we are in a double dip recession.

For realists, this expected news has only confirmed that it has taken ‘longer than anyone hope to recover from the biggest debt crisis of our lifetime,’ stated Chancellor, George Osborne during a meeting in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

However as Mr Clegg stated in the commons, the ‘basic building blocks’ of recovery are in place and business leaders shouldn’t worry and to ‘step back from the panicked reaction.’

As electricians, domestic installers and renewable energy installers you needn’t worry as your jobs always make the top 100 recession proof job lists. We live in a modern world where the bug push if for energy efficiency and renewable energy and everything we ‘need’ is powered by electricity. You only need to switch your consumer unit off or endure a power cut to realise how important electricity is in all of our lives - you my friends are the beholders of this power.

Obviously it is natural to guess that during these difficult times, homeowners will not have extensions and outdoor lighting on their list of priorities at the moment but it’s important to remember the jobs that are required to happen by law such as annual PAT testing.

In quiet times, up-skilling is always a good idea so you can offer a lot more to your customers and begin to reap the rewards of being multi-skilled. Plus as work might have slowed down, you may be able to afford to take a day or two out?

If you’re interested in spreading your wings it might be worth checking out our specialist electrician courses, PAT testing courses and Inspection and Testing Courses.

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