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Eco Build Review

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 3rd March 2011

What we thought of EcoBuild 2011


Ecobuild 2011 was set to be the biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment, with over 1,300 suppliers attending, more than 130 free seminars and over a dozen interactive attractions. They did not disappoint.

The day itself breamed with information as we were handed a mass of brochures, leaflets and magazines that contained more information on renewable technologies than we could have dreamed of. Our time was spent visiting stands and seminars which demystified micro generation technologies to their finest detail and some of the stands hosted fantastic demonstrations of rainwater harvesting systems and other modern technologies.

Considering the type of event I expected to see a lot more effort made in reducing exhibitors carbon footprint by electronically distributing their information or producing their promotional materials from sustainable sources. Some companies used a modern initiative and adopted a barcode scanning system so that their customers can receive information via email whereas companies such as Dyson presented their hand drying creation the ‘Airblade,’ a product designed to dry your hands fast and effectively without the use of paper tissues, on a stand surrounded by a large wall of paper tissues which seemed to contradict the entire message they were conveying.

A down point, if this can be viewed as one, was that there was just too much information. We found ourselves overloaded by the amount of material available and not enough time to see it all. The numbering system on all the stands didn’t help as they seemed to lack any type of logic and could have been made a lot simpler.

Overall the event served its purpose by reinforcing the importance of sustainable design and proved to be paramount in demystifying such technologies so that they seemed less daunting to the potential customer, installer and any business looking to move into this fast growing market.

This expansion has led to an extension of their training family; ex-military man Mark Turner joins their team after his 23 year service ends this month. “Trade Skills 4U are a great training facility that practice what they preach.” They understand the need to employ great staff that can offer unbeatable teaching, especially whose background relates to those they teach.

“Those wanting a career change should grab opportunities like this, they’re courses equip you for the future whether you choose electrics or renewable energy. You’ll be glad you did it, I am” Says Turner.

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