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Ecobuild - the final day

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 22nd March 2012

The build up to Ecobuild was huge so I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I can't believe it's the final day at the enormous sustainable design event! We’ve met lots of big company names, small contractor businesses as well as plenty of individuals over the three days, all looking to grasp opportunities for themselves in this lucrative industry and making this whole experience an insightful one to say the least.

We’ve received lots of questions about EPC’s and the Green Deal as well as enquiries about Plumbing and Heating renewable energy courses which sort of shows the way in which demand is going. Obviously the launch of the RHI and the Green Deal is a contributing factor to the expected surge which makes an event like this all the more worthwhile to a training company like ourselves. We can use all of the information gained during the event, to make sure we’re best positioned to offer the courses to meet the demand.


Image above: our team on tuesday 21st March 2012 doing their thing at Ecobuild

Needless to say we thought it is a worthwhile event to anyone interested in this working or investing in this industryand as the final day is in full swing and we’re already planning for next year.

Highlights so far:

• Finally meeting all the great people (partners & contacts) we speak to on a day to day basis in person.

• Being able to talk to plenty of people about what they think of the FITs, RHI etc. and getting their honest view about the industry as a whole.

• Being greeted with ‘I’ve heard great things about your training,’ and ‘I’ve come all this way to see you guys,’ at our stand. It makes those long hours on our feet all worthwhile!

Favourite moment has to be:

• Seeing our colleagues image printed on the Di-log exhibition stand as he modelled one of their products on our solar PV training roof! 

Images Below (Di-Log stand and our colleague with the stand!)

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