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Dangerous Electrical Appliances Still Widely Used In UK Households

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 15th May 2013

Despite product recall notices being issued (more than 260 in recent years) it seems as though many dangerous electrical appliances are still in use.

This disturbing headline comes after news that half a million Bosch dishwashers are still in use that are at risk of catching fire – some of the fires have been serious incidents.  The advice is to never leave the machine unattended and to use only in controlled circumstances.  The issue is a problem with the soldering on the control panel and takes a Bosch expert an hour to fix.  Only 1 in 4 of a batch of faulty Bosch dishwashers have been traced that were made over a 7 year period, leaving just under 479,000 unaccounted for.

So what has been happening?

It would seem that the current system of product recall notices is not working.  In many cases the customer may have moved addresses meaning the manufacturer is now unable to trace their customers.  More disturbing though is the results of a survey carried out by the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) which suggests that up to two million people in the UK have ignored a product recall notice.

This is a worry as dangerous products can ultimately cause electrocution and fire.  Responding to a product recall is straightforward and potentially can be life saving. It is always worth having a dangerous electrical appliance repaired and it is carried out free of charge by the manufacturer.

There are 9000 electrical fires in homes across the UK every year.  Each electrical fire has the potential to cause devastating consequences including serious injury and death and in many cases the householder has been completely unaware that the house fire was caused by a dangerous electrical appliance.

There is now a call to support the improvement of product registration and improve the traceability of electrical appliances should a fault develop.  Many cards asking the buyer to register the product following purchase are simply never returned.

At Trade Skills 4 U, we fully support the introduction of a system that will effectively address this worrying issue and ultimately bring down the number of electrical fires that happen every year in the UK.

Check if your product has been recalled below:

The Electrical Safety Council has set up a latest product recall notice on their website.  If there are concerns over the safety of particular electrical products, this is a great place to check to see if the appliance is listed. They have also created a widget that allows us to publish the tool here:

How to use this tool

Enter the brand name or product number into the search box. Click on the one that best matches your product to find out more about the recall and how to return items. For more options click advanced search. When inputting product numbers, check carefully to ensure you are inputting the correct number or digit.

Electrical Safety Council [Click to visit www.esc.org.uk]

Latest product recalls An up-to-date list of electrical product recalls

Widget from Electrical Safety Council

What if the advice is there are concerns over the safety of an electrical appliance?

Firstly unplug the electrical appliance and do not be tempted to use it.  Return the product to where it was purchased from, or alternatively to your local Trading Standards Office.