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Trade Skills 4 U Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 11th March 2013

National Apprenticeship week kicks off in style with the Prime Minister saying he wants to increase the uptake of Apprenticeships amongst school leavers to follow in the footsteps of Germany.

This is a very encouraging start for an important week which celebrates the value of apprenticeships.  Not only does the week promote how great an apprenticeship can be for learning a new trade, but also the benefits of taking on an apprenticeship to an employer.  Headline news this morning claims that Apprentices will contribute £3.4bn to the UK economy by 2022.

It goes without saying that Apprenticeships contribute to raising the skill levels amongst the UK workforce.  In turn this leads to increased productivity and a highly motivated workforce.  The average person who completes their Apprenticeship contributes an extra £214 per week in business productivity.

Hiring an Apprentice is truly a win win situation – better profits, better products, higher wages, lower prices.

Trade Skills 4 U have long been promoting the value of apprenticeships as a common sense solution and viable alternative to university – you can't get any better learning a trade, earning money and having a good chance at the end of a job – as well as getting qualified.  Electrician courses and Apprenticeships are at the very heart of what we do here and its great news to hear that the National Apprenticeship Week has kicked off in style all over the country with many colleges offering a packed week promoting the skills and diversity of apprenticeships as well as being backed and supported in parliament with coverage being shown on radio and television.

Apprenticeships have been around for many years.  In the past, apprenticeships would give their wage to the master craftsman who would give him his training and skills in return for their wage! They are certainly here to stay and of course, have moved with the times which stands testament to their value.

The theme for 2013 is “Apprenticeships Deliver” and forms part of a new era for Apprenticeships.  In particular the theme will demonstrate how apprenticeships can deliver for both employer and individual and how taking on an Apprentice will contribute to the on going success for the employer.   Unfortunately in recent years, the gloss has been taken off Apprenticeships leading to the loss of valuable people taking up an Apprenticeship.  The message this year is sounding out key values associated with Apprenticeships – quality, growth, pride and value. Using these key values will give Apprenticeships some much needed revitalisation and break down the barriers that have prevented uptake in recent years.

National Apprenticeship Week is now in its sixth year and this week is a chance to really make Apprenticeships shine and promote them to all those who have an interest – individuals, employers, teachers, parents and the media.  At Trade Skills 4 U, we will be getting involved in style and showing our Apprentices how proud we are of them and also what we can offer to any individual aged 16 or over who is looking to undertake an Electrician Apprenticeship where they can gain the invaluable work based experience and be professionally trained by Trade Skills 4U.


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