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Survey Results: Are You Ready For Amendment 3?

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 13th November 2015

So we are well past the 1st July 2015 deadline from which all new electrical installations must comply with the 3rd amendment to the 17th edition wiring regulations. If you work in the trade and this is the first you have heard about amendment 3 then you really need to pull your finger out and get up to date by buying the latest book and checking out our free online seminar here.

However we thought it would be worth seeing how many sparkies are ready and how many are not despite moving past this crucial deadline. The survey was originally published back in August and we collected 100 responses over a period of 2 months.

Only 56% feel ready and Only 44% have the new yellow book!

We were surprised despite how heavily publicised Amendment 3 has been that still over 50% of people didn't have the new book. It will be interesting to see how many copies of the new book are sold over the next year. Really most should have been sold already and numbers should have have dropped drastically since the 1st July.

What’s also quite surprising is that 12% of those asked who do feel ready for the latest amendment don’t actually have the latest book so must quite clearly be geniuses!

It is easy to understand that if you are working flat out, for long days  and with little time off it can be hard to find the time to bring yourself up to speed, however we cannot stress how important it is to ensure that all installations are now designed and installed in accordance with the latest amendments. We have done our bit by providing free seminars for our customers and we have even published these on youtube and on our website so that you can brush up in your spare time.


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