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The Importance of Accessing Electrical Cables

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 30th November 2012

Yes, the title of todays blog screams common sence - all electrical jobs require access to cables.  Almost every electrician up and down the country will have a comical story to tell about their life as a domestic installer.

How many times have you been to a property to find at least a days worth of furniture removal before the job can commence or the people who don't want to have their newly decorated walls touched during a re-wire.  Electricians are used to such scenarios popping up on a regular basis and we hear many of these amusing stories relayed at our training centres here at Trade Skills 4 U.

However, it now seems that these crazy situations are now longer situated behind closed doors and are heading to a street near  you.  We have found a fun story about a bin that was fitted to a lamp post 7 feet up in the air!

Why you may ask?  and no its not a joke and it didn't happen in another country, it happened in a UK town called Stoke-on-Trent.  Now unless you happen to be a giant or quite like the challenge of aiming your rubbish at a bin located far above your head its going to be pretty useless to most people.

The reason it was installed 7 feet up a lamp post was to allow electricians access to the wiring when needed.  Members of the public thought the bin would be moved, but it stayed there.

Now this does beg the question of who decided to positon the bin there in the first place - moving it round to the other side of the post would have ensured relevant access was still available.  Or maybe its a fashion statement that we're missing out on here!

The bin apparently was later removed but we are wondering how much material and time wastage there was from this untrained installer.  We think a course in electrical design would be in order!