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A Company Like No Other

Posted by Chloe Bennett on 18th February 2011

Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame, but getting noticed for the wrong reasons tends to last a lot longer than that.

The reason this is being brought to attention is because we seem to be getting confused with another competitor.

We would like to remind our customers of who we are, and why we are the UK’s largest and most successful electrical training centre.

We at tradeskills4u are very proud of our brand. We have been established since 2005, aiming to provide our customers with the knowledge, understanding and approval of our awarding bodies so that they are fully equip with the skills we promised them. Armed with these skills, a customer can begin carving their path as a qualified tradesman.

We have a dedicated team of staff who give honest and constructive advice to help you choose the right course for you. We are all dedicated to your success.

We house a professional and well experienced team that practice in our brand new state of the art facilities.

We are proud of the courses we run and of the instructors that teach them.

We have continued to use our friendly and fresh approach to adapt to the times, and now offer renewables courses for this eco-friendly age.

We hold examinations that have credibility and are truly a thorough test of the knowledge gained here.

We are fully accredited by City & Guilds, EAL and NICEIC, offering real world training by the most interesting and experienced instructors

We deliver ‘Platinum training’ says EAL.

We monitor our press on forums and value it. Tell us how we can get better.

If you have any queries old or new please be sure to give us a call 01293 529777, we’re always happy to hear from you.


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