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Case Study - Josh Smith

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 19th January 2018


Name: Josh Smith

Course: 2365 Level 3

Josh, 24 who is close to completing his level 3 2365 City & Guilds qualification, speaks to us about why he chose to become an electrician after leaving the army.

What did you do before training to become an electrician?

I was in the British Army working as a Royal Engineer. I entered the army at 16 years old so I was very young when I joined. After seven years I decided it was time for me to leave and look for new opportunities and gain some life experience elsewhere.

What is your reason for training?

I investigated a few different trades and decided the electrical field was a job that was always going to be needed whatever the weather or season. For example a bricklayer is very seasonal, I never want to be out of work due to external circumstances and I also want a career where people needed me and I didn’t need my employer.

Also, I already have some experience in the electrical trade so this definitely helped me to choose which route to go down. I have a few friends who are electricians and they really recommended it to me, they have trained from apprentice level so I have seen the hard work they put in and knew I could do the same.

Are you currently employed?

Yes, I am an electrical trainee. When I’m not doing my two weeks on the 2365 I am working with them around the North Wales area. The work is mainly in commercial settings so we are visiting schools, retail outlets and large buildings. We are currently working on a rewire at a train station so it’s a big job. I feel like working on site and coming here is so beneficial, I have taken so much knowledge and practical skills from site each week and then into the classroom and vice versa.

Was it easy to find employment?

I applied for the job onsite when I started my first week at Trade Skills 4U and feel they were keen to take me on because I had already taken the initiative to start my qualifications. So on my first two weeks off from the course I started with the company.

Tell us about your training experience with TS4U?

I have really enjoyed training here and would definitely come back to do additional qualifications. The teaching is really in-depth and the tutors are approachable and willing to help with any questions or worries you have.

What is the best and most difficult experience you’ve had?

I feel like the experiences the army have put me through have taught me to drive myself through any situation. It has definitely set me up for learning new challenges which is exactly what this was. It has been a different learning environment but I’ve enjoyed every part of it. I can’t say there’s anything that has proven very difficult.

What are your plans for the future?

I have already enrolled on the NVQ so I will start that near enough as soon as I have finished here. I will also start fulltime work with the company I’m with now when the 2365 is completed.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to train as an electrician?

Research the training providers and try gain some experience in the electrical industry before paying for a course. The electrical field can prove quite complicated for some people so make sure you have the right skillset for the job beforehand. It’s never too late to learn a new trade either, I’m glad I picked Trade Skills 4U as they have demonstrated their knowledge from the get go and the tutors couldn’t have been more helpful.


We wish Josh all the best with NVQ and starting fulltime employment. 


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Chris Beckley Case Study

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 12th December 2017

Chris Beckley


Name: Chris Beckley

Course: Level 3 2365

What was your job before training as an electrician?

I've had several jobs but before I decided to train as an electrician I worked as a Department Manager of a debt management company.

Why did you decide to train as an electrician?

I fancied a change and began to dislike the office life. I decided to do more with the skills I have in being a strong mathematician and fairly good at DIY. When I looked up the skills you need to be an electrician it seemed I had the right qualities to complement the job.

How long did it take you to find employment after completing the course?

I was fortunate because it didn't take me very long. I was in employment about three weeks after completing the course.

What job are doing now?

I am currently a highways electrician working on the M60 motorway, I have been doing this for six months now.

What did you enjoy the most about the course?

The things I enjoyed most about the course was the friendly and supportive atmosphere of the group and of the course teacher Adam from Birchwood. I also really enjoyed getting to grips with the practical side of things and actually seeing my progress week by week. The theory side of the course didn't bother me that much but I definitely preferred getting hands on and doing the practicals. 

How would you describe the facilities at TS4U?

Excellent, we never struggled for the equipment we required and the centre is in great condition.

Do you have any plans to gain anymore qualifications?

I am definitely considering doing the 2391 inspection and testing. I want to be a well rounded electrician and now that I am working on site I would have a better understanding of the inspection and testing course. I am really keen on developing my skills and knowledge further in the electrical industry, so I will go on to complete my NVQ level 3 and then progress onto the Level 4 electrical design. I want to keep learning about as much of the trade as I can.

What advice would you give to others thinking of training to become an electrician?

I would say it is the best decision I made and I wouldn't look back. I think the best advice is to look at what skillset you already possess and decide if it’s suitable, if you're willing to put the hard work in then absolutely go for it. I would highly recommend the course I did at Trade Skills 4U as a training provider due to how in-depth the courses are and how much you learn.

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Trade Skills 4U Employment Survey

Posted by Michaela Elcoat on 5th January 2017

With a skill shortage in the electrical industry, there is always the need for more sparks to train and learn the trade. This is why Trade Skills 4U is dedicated to training electricians to the best of their ability so they are knowledgeable, able and ready to enter the workplace.

We recently conducted a survey on past students who took our C&G 2365 Diploma course, dating back to 2014 to find out if they had managed to find employment within the electrical field and what area they have chosen to work in.

The results showed an astounding 87.8% of our students have indeed found employment in the electrical field. 



Whilst speaking with the students we found the majority were working as electrician’s mates or had now worked their way up to working as an electrician for contracting companies on both employed and self-employed basis. We also discovered some were working in some more niche fields such as:

Smart Meter Installation

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installer

Army Electrician

Maintanence Manager / Electrician

Theatre / Stage Electrician

Engineer at Network Rail

Domestic Installer

Kitchen / Bathroom Installer

Media Broadcast Electrician

Many have gone onto complete their NVQ and their AM2. 

Who are our students?

We have and still continue to see a mixture of students coming through the doors at both our Gatwick and Warrington centres, with ages ranging from 18 – 65 both male and female. Some have entered the field from school knowing this is the career path they wanted to take, whilst others have decided to choose a completely different career path and retrain as an electrician later in life. Others have also taken their qualifications across the pond to Australia to start a new life and career overseas.

Aimee Dalton is 25 and currently completing her 2365 while working for an electrical company. She is coming to the end of her Level 3 and said: “I’ve found the course really interesting and the things I’ve learnt in the centre I’ve then put into practice at work. I’ve been here since September and I would definitely encourage more women to come and train as an electrician. There’s a world of opportunity out there for electricians"

How can I get qualified and will I find employment?

If you wish to work on larger commercial projects, you can study the 2365 Level 2 &3. Most people will generally find employment with an electrical company alongside completing the course. Other avenues to explore once you have completed level 3 is to register to complete an electrical apprenticeship then the AM2.

There are a variety of electrical courses available for people to consider, for example the 18 day Bronze course will enable you to work in domestic properties. Your qualification will allow you to legally install, test and inspect electrical work in existing properties or new builds. With the government’s plan to build 1 million homes by 2020 across the UK you shouldn’t struggle to find work.

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Electrical Installation? Trade Skills 4U Wrote the Book on That!

Posted by Christos Panayiotou on 19th November 2013

Two instructors from Trade Skills 4U have recently been published in the brand new City & Guilds text books, “Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations 2365” and “Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (Buildings and Structures) 2365“. It’s no surprise that they have been involved since Trade Skills 4U are the leading centre in the UK that deliver the City & Guilds 2365 course. They have been teaching the qualification for over a year now since it was introduced in September 2012 and as such have a team of highly experienced tutors who know the subject inside out. Two members of this team Andy Hay-Ellis and James Deans have both contributed to the brand new books covering the Level 2 & 3 Diplomas. Other writers who contributed to the books include Paul Harris, Trevor Pickard, Howard Carey, Paul Cook and Peter Tanner, all well respected in the industry. The books have now been published and are available to buy on Amazon.

James and Andy have both been teaching at Trade Skills 4U for many years and are two of their most experienced tutors. Both work full time within the centre, Andy as the Director of Education and James as a senior tutor.  Both have put in a lot of extra hours over the past year to bring this book to fruition.

Andy Hay-Ellis said “I am very pleased to finally see these books published. It makes all the hard work worthwhile. These two books will form a comprehensive resource for all learners undertaking these new qualifications.”

James Deans said “I still teach the 2365 every day and am one of the first instructors in the UK to deliver this course. I believe the books will make an excellent companion for my classes and hope to see students arriving with them under their arm in the near future.”

Trade Skills 4U continue to strive to deliver outstanding teaching in the electrical and renewable energy fields. They recently had a number of their courses, including the City and Guilds 2365 Electrical Installation Diploma, accepted into the IET Centre of Excellence and were the first electrical training company in the UK to gain this accolade.

The fact that two of their staff are involved in the authorship of a course book approved by both the IET and City and Guilds, demonstrates that they are much more than just a training company. Trade Skills 4U continue to be thought leaders in this industry led by the outstanding knowledge of their team of specialist electrical trainers.

The level 2 and 3 Electrical Installation Diplomas are recognised throughout the industry as the key qualifications to enable electrical installers to get qualified and gain work. Students will often self-fund their course in order to get a foot on the ladder to becoming fully qualified as an electrician. Once completed, most students will gain work in industry and complete an NVQ which is essentially a portfolio of work that is assessed on site.

The qualification has grown in popularity over the past year especially since students can now take out a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan to cover the cost of the Level 3 part of the course.

If you are looking to take electrical training you can speak with specialist course advisors who will guide you through the different options available to you.


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